About Carlo Inc.

Carlo and Mary O. Bachechi founded Carlo Inc. in 1953 in Albuquerque, NM to develop and invest in small commercial properties.

They built the company on their relationships with community members

They built the company on their relationships with community members and Carlo Inc. has continued in that tradition. We’ve worked with many of our tenants, vendors, and employees for decades and have emphasized the importance of these relationships and the communities in which we do business to the next generation.

They also made a commitment to expand Carlo Inc. beyond the United States to other markets. To that end, Carlo purchased a property in Vancouver in 1968. Since that time, geographical diversification has grown to become a core element of Carlo Inc.’s investment strategy.

In 2006, the Fiorvento family joined the Bachechi family in Carlo Inc. The families share common philosophies and goals, as well as deep friendships.

Since its founding, Carlo Inc. has had 5 presidents – Victor Bachechi, Carlo’s youngest son, is now at the helm. From its start in Albuquerque more than 60 years ago, Carlo Inc. has expanded to 4 markets in 3 countries on 2 continents, with plans to go further. Carlo Inc. operates as the parent company in Albuquerque, with subsidiaries in each other market: Bachechi Bros. Realty in Vancouver, Kimo Intl. Properties and Bachechi Bros. Realty in Sydney, and FABCO in Houston.